Braemara 4G solution

Internet connectivity option for remote areas, with 4G availability.


Braemara Limited engages in a variety of business investment, property development and management activities throughout the North of Scotland.

Our client Braemara was struggling to operate due to poor internet connectivity, as a result of being in a rural location in Caithness.

The clients’ business premises did not feature in any of the superfast broadband roll-out plans, and with satellite broadband being prohibitive, we surveyed the location and were able to supply and install a business-grade 4G broadband solution, which has resulted in a more stable Internet connection, and a massive speed boost, going from less than 1Mbps to 76Mbps download, along with an equally impressive 16Mbps upload speed.

Since then, we’ve also rolled out similar solutions to a remote farm location, an Industrial complex, and also a holiday home at Embo, Dornoch, so it’s a very flexible solution in cases where fixed broadband is under performing or not an option.

If you are struggling with poor Internet connection speeds, or if you are looking for a mobile broadband solution for your holiday home or office premises, a 4G solution might be the answer. To arrange a survey, get in touch.


4G; Mobile Broadband; Connectivity; Wi-Fi; Network

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