Cyber & Data Security

Taking the confusion and concerns from IT security with a robust approach to cyber security, backups and data protection.

Understanding the threats to your business can be overwhelming. We can assist you by identifying these threats and the required measures that are needed to protect your business. With over 20 years experience, you can rely on us to provide a comprehensive and reliable service.

End-Point Protection

The connection of laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other wireless devices to corporate networks creates attack paths for security threats. We understand and can protect these potential entry points.

Email Protection

There are several measures used to secure the access and content of an email account or service. Malware and virus attacks can be disruptive to your business and may require collective solutions to protect you from an attack. We can advise on the best solution(s).

Backups and Data Recovery

Backups are an important protective measure from data corruption and accidental deletion, recovery of this data depends on the type and frequency of your backups. We can advise on the best data backup regime.

Firewalls & Secure Hardware

Protecting your network from unauthorised access is a critical feature. We can design, configure and install a secure system to ensure only authorised access is possible.

Network Monitoring

We have developed our own network monitoring software tools. These have been proven to identify resolvable issues before they have become client disruptive. We can now offer this solution to our clients.

Data and Device Encryption

Protecting your data has become increasingly important due to GDPR. We understand the legal requirements and can advise our clients on the most appropriate solution for the data they hold.

Cyber & Data Security Case Studies

We provide Cyber and Data security support on a contract and ad-hoc basis to a considerable number of clients across a diverse range of business sectors. We design and install systems for businesses in tourism, retail, engineering, manufacturing and local government.

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Reid & Fraser Cyber Security

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cyber Resilience?

Cyber resilience is a broader approach that encompasses cyber security and business continuity management.  The aim is to defend against potential cyber attacks, help organisations limit the severity of any successful attack, and ensure their survival.

As a Foundation Sponsor of Cyber Security Scotland we are at the forefront of the latest developments in Cyber Security. Give us a call on 01847 892892 to discuss how we can make your business Cyber Resilient.

What is Data Security?

Data security means protecting digital data from destructive forces and from the unwanted actions of unauthorised users, or as a result of a cyber attack or a data loss. Depending on the data lost, this could now be a reportable incident under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Give us a call on 01847 892892 if you require assistance with GDPR.

I think I've opened a Virus, what should I do?

Contact your IT Support company, if you don’t have one contact us on 01847 892892 ! Until we know how you think you’ve got one we can’t advise on specific actions here, however turning off your computer is a good starting point!

Is carrying out backups important?

YES, absolutely! Losing data can be costly if there is no recovery option in place. We can advise on what data and how often these backups should take place once we know your business operating practices.

Should I backup to the Cloud?

YES, but unfortunately not everyone can due to poor Internet connectivity. We can advise on the best Cloud Service provider depending on the data you require backed up. If Cloud is not an option we can advise on the alternatives.

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