Wi-Fi & Networking

Specialists in the design and installation of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, and small to large scale networks.

We provide site-wide and point to point Wi-Fi solutions, as well as wired network infrastructure, designed to make the operation of your business easier and more cost effective. With over 20 years experience, you can rely on us to provide a comprehensive and reliable service.

Corporate & Guest Wi-Fi

We design and install robust secure Wi-Fi solutions, in internal and external environments. We can monitor and maintain under a support agreement or handover to the client on completion.

Point-to-point Wireless Links

Where cabling is not an option we can design and install robust point to point wireless solutions over distance.

Site-to-Site Networks

We can design and install a secure solution that allows your multiple sites to become one secure network, enabling faster data transfer between locations.

Fixed and Mobile Broadband

We supply fixed and mobile broadband solutions and have the breadth of experience to ensure we can supply a solution in the remotest of locations.

Office Networks

Connecting all your IT Hardware aids efficiency, it must however be done securely as external threats are constant.

Structured Network Cabling

Designing a network requires planning and suitable cable to service the users and hardware, we have the experience to advise and carry out the installation, either ourselves or with your trusted electrical contractor.

Wi-Fi & Networking Case Studies

We provide Wi-Fi and Network support on a contract and ad-hoc basis to a considerable number of clients across a diverse range of business sectors. We design and install systems for businesses in tourism, retail, engineering, manufacturing and local government.

Highland Travel Inns, Wi-Fi Upgrade

Braemara 4G solution

Scrabster Harbour Wi-Fi Point to Point

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to connect my PC's together, how do I do that?

There are a number of ways to connect two computers or devices together, through cable or using wireless technologies. So that we fully understand your requirement give us a call on 01847 892892 to discuss further.

Is Wi-Fi as reliable as an Ethernet connection?

No; but this shouldn’t be an issue for everyday internet use including browsing, sending and receiving email. As wireless connection stability and speeds can vary due to signal interference and distance from the router, a cable connection will always be more reliable for heavy or time-sensitive usage

How far does a Wi-Fi signal reach?

A typical Wi-Fi signal has a range of roughly 30 metres, though this can be reduced by factors such as the ability of the modem/router, any walls or obstacles in the area, or other factors that may interfere with the wireless signal. An on-site survey is normally carried out prior to determine optimum placement for the required coverage.

Can Ethernet cable be used outside?

Yes, however there are some constraints and considerations that need to be thought about, distance and robustness are the main ones. Give us a call on 01847 892892 to discuss.

Do I need a fibre connected network?

Really depends on how your network is configured and how it is going to be used. If you are connecting buildings further than Cat6e is capable of, then yes. If you are connecting many users to a server from more than 90 metres, then yes. Give us a call on 01847 892892 to discuss what you are trying to achieve.

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