Weigh Inn Hotel Wi-Fi Upgrade

Upgrade of a 1st generation Wi-Fi installation to handle modern day expectations.


The Weigh Inn Hotel is a Thurso-based hotel which is part of the Highland Travel Inns group and has 16 bedrooms, 44 lodges, three bars and a function suite for weddings and corporate events.

The previous Wi-Fi solution at the Weigh Inn Hotel, Thurso, was struggling to cope with a huge increase in demand for Wi-Fi services within the rooms, bar and main hall. Navertech were tasked with designing, supplying and installing a robust Wi-Fi solution that can cope with hundreds of concurrent users.

The design process started by surveying the entire building to determine wall structures, coverage requirements, cabling routes and access point locations.   Navertech opted to supply and install Ubiquiti UniFi devices throughout, offering enterprise-grade equipment with central management capabilities.   It was also necessary to re-design the network to cope with the vast number of users, which could easily multiply over a number of days.   The Internet connectivity was also upgraded to Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) along with a high-speed router.

The end result is a Wi-Fi solution which is robust and reliable enough to cope with spikes in demand, and one which helps the business retain and attract guests to its premises.


Wi-Fi; Connectivity; Hardware

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