Hardware & Software

Experts in the specification, supply and installation of the latest hardware and software to ensure your business benefits from the latest technologies.

Every business is unique and specifying and purchasing the right hardware or software for the business requirement is important. With over 20 years experience, you can rely on us to provide a comprehensive and reliable service.

Business Desktops & Laptops

There are many options to choose from, and picking the right IT hardware for its intended purpose is critical. We can supply the appropriate fit for purpose hardware.

Business Servers & Storage

Purchasing a server can be a major undertaking for a small business and getting it wrong can be costly. We can ensure that fit for purpose hardware is purchased.

Computer Parts & Upgrades

We can supply parts for those that fail and can also bring a new lease of life to older hardware by upgrading critical components.

Desktop Software

We keep abreast of all the latest desktop software and that knowledge can be used to find a solution to aid better efficiency for your business. We can also advise on software requirements.

CCTV Systems

We can install internet enabled CCTV, configured so that your premises or equipment is monitored 24/7. Complete with appropriate CCTV Policies in place and compliant with relevant regulations.

VoIP Telephone Systems

Modern Voice over the Internet telecoms solutions can realise significant cost savings for a client. We can advise on the procedure for installing so that continuity of service is maintained.

Hardware & Software Case Studies

We provide Hardware and Software support on a contract and ad-hoc basis to a considerable number of clients across a diverse range of business sectors. We design and install systems for businesses in tourism, retail, engineering, manufacturing and local government.

JGC Engineering VOIP Telephone System

JGC Engineering Virtual Server

Weigh Inn CCTV

Scrabster Harbour Wi-Fi Point to Point

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Frequently Asked Questions

Desktop computer vs. Laptop computer?

You will get a more powerful computer for your money if you’re willing to give up portability. It is a case of weighing up portability versus productivity. If all you are looking for is Internet searching and email pick-up on the move then laptop, if you are looking to run powerful applications then a desktop.

Hardware Upgrade or New?

Over time hardware performance degrades, this can be due to lack  of hard drive space, lack of memory or electronic components becoming unreliable. Whether to Upgrade or buy new really depends on how old the hardware is and how much it costs to replace. Give us a call on 01847 892892 to discuss your specific set-up and we can help you decide the best option.

Off the Shelf or Bespoke Software?

There are a wealth of software applications available to be bought ‘off the shelf’, you install and they provide specific functionality. For many this is all they need and we can help advise and also supply these applications. For some the applications are too restrictive or do not provide the functionality that their business requires, that leaves developing ‘bespoke’ software specifically for their need. We can code such packages and if you think you have a need for such software give us a call on 01847 892892, we will be happy to discuss further with you.

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