JGC Engineering Virtual Server

Server replacement option for multiple servers in a busy office environment.


JGC Engineering & Technical Services is one of the UK’s leading engineering companies.   With a depth of technical expertise and a proven track record, they undertake major engineering projects for clients in the nuclear, energy, renewables and utilities sectors.

Due to Microsoft retiring support of the server software on several of their servers we were required to provide a solution. We identified two options, replace the individual servers or provide a more powerful server and install a virtual server environment. After costing individual server replacements versus a virtual environment it was decided that virtual was the most effective solution.

A migration plan was produced ensuring that there would be no disruption to the business. The server applications and data were migrated to their respective virtual environments and new backup arrangements put in place.

The changeover was all carried out ‘out of hours’ and the users were only required to ensure that their computers were turned off at the end of their day. On logging in after migration the users noticed no difference apart from increased server performance.


Hardware; Server Replacement; Backup

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