JGC Engineering VOIP Telephone System

A Telephony system replacement with seamless changeover and no calls lost.


JGC Engineering & Technical Services is one of the UK’s leading engineering companies.   With a depth of technical expertise and a proven track record, they undertake major engineering projects for clients in the nuclear, energy, renewables and utilities sectors.

The analogue telephone system required upgrading as it was no longer supported. This was an ideal opportunity to look at modern technology options. After cost benefit analysis was completed it was decided to replace the old system with Voice over Internet Protocol technology.

It was a Client requirement that it should be a seamless changeover and that no calls were to be lost. To cater for this the old system co-existed with the new and users had two handsets side by side, with the old removed once the successful changeover had been completed.


Hardware; IT Infrastructure; Telephone System; VoIP

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