Scrabster Harbour Ice Plant Wi-Fi Point to Point

Solution for Network connectivity where no cable route is available.


Scrabster offers a competitive advantage across a range of sectors: cargo, cruise, ferries, fishing, oil and gas and marine renewables. The harbour offers extensive facilities, with 24/7, 365 days a year access to the port. Scrabster Harbour possesses a strong local supply chain and is one of the UK’s top whitefish and shellfish landing ports.

As part of its continual development of services to its customers it was decided to install a new Ice delivery plant. The installation by FrioNordica required a network connection to the plant instrumentation. To do this cost effectively a Point to Point wireless network was created, technically secure and unaffected by ship tie ups.

This was achieved using industry standard secure hardware which has been proven successful elsewhere.


Network Connection; Wi-Fi; Point-to-Point; Engineering; Instrumentation

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