Weigh Inn CCTV

A CCTV System covering public areas and entry and exit points throughout the hotel confines.


The Weigh Inn Hotel is a Thurso-based hotel which is part of the Highland Travel Inns group and has 16 bedrooms, 44 lodges, three bars and a function suite for weddings and corporate events.

Navertech Support was approached by the manager of the hotel to install CCTV for security purposes, with the main aims to cover entry/exit points throughout the main complex and its confines. Another important aim was not to make the hotel look like ‘Fort Knox’.

The layout of the Hotel is complex and required a greater than normal amount of coverage. The use of ‘fish eye’ cameras in the main areas allowed for multiple feeds from an individual camera, which meant that the camera count could be kept to a minimum. This in turn meant less visible cameras in the areas where this was required.

Navertech also carry out ongoing support of the system as the authorised system maintenance company.


CCTV; Site Security; Fraud Prevention; Remote Viewing

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